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Digital Design

Digital Design has been from the beginning of its operations over 17 years IT partner of Russian Railways (RZD, and has strong experience in development of customized software applications, corporate portals solutions (SharePoint and IBM WebSphere), integration-, migration- and maintenance projects for manufacturing, services and distributing organizations. It offers also mobile applications development services (IOS, WP7). The company is headquarted in St.Petersburg, with a local branch in Moscow. Since its inception in 1992 Digital Design has become one of the largest IT services providers in Russia with EUR16 mln. revenue and a strong team of 350 high level technical experts whose competence is confirmed by numerous certificates and a portfolio of 1650 successful projects. The quality of Digital Design services is backed by customer references and widely acknowledged quality assurance certificates (Recognized for Excellence by European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), ISO 9001, CMMI Level 3). Digital Design has very strong expertise in Microsoft technologies being Microsoft Partner since 1996. At the same time it develops cooperation with other vendors in order to offer customers the choice of technologies and platforms - IBM, HP, Oracle, Citrix and VMWare. Among its international customers are StoraEnso, Nurminen Logistics, International paper, IKEA, Onninen, Burst Technology and Miracle.



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