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Timo Kangas

B.Sc. in EE
30+ years experience in the international ICT business
2 years in management board of a public company
6 years in the board of the directors in European Mobile Messaging Association (Denmark and UK)
Member of Business Mentors Finland (non-profit organisation)
Director, board of directors at Pääkaupunkiseudun Yrityskummit ry - Business Mentors Finland, Helsinki region
Director of the Board of Directors: The Regional Organisation of Enterprises in Helsinki, Mid-Helsinki Local Association
Participated to several M&A projects

Titles (examples):
Director, EDS
Director, Business Development
Director, IN and PMR messaging products

Lived in:
Mainly Finland
1 year in France, Paris
2 years in Ireland, Limerick
Visited 30+ countries in business cases


Granted patent: Method and arrangement for distributing information and services through a network WO0124071 and US 7,707,065 B1


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