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Few days ago I saw from the telly a good program about business. I would say that it is MBA level education. In this case MBA doesn't mean Married but Available. What was the show? It was Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (USA). There was guy who was having Italian restaurant in New Jersey.

Why it was so good? Although his vocabulary is limited (I think that is his brand) he is working with basics. The fact is that business hasn't changed in big way during last 100 years. One change and two nuances. The change is the internet economy, nuances are S-curve time scale is shorter and everything is global, no boarders any more.

And what were the lessons?

Manage/control your business properly (business is for the customers).
Cost control; price your product according your costs, no over sized storages, no over sized product portfolio.
Quality! Don't insult your customers with bad quality.
Know your target segment and market your services accordingly.
Stay focused!

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