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I've been talking (writing) about the fortresses but haven't explained what I mean. Clarification coming now.

Basically I'm talking about monopolies or same type of conditions where free competition is not working or can't work. In these conditions there are always some kind of regulation which should work and that pisses me off when the regulator don't work properly, lazy buggers. I have mentioned earlier one example, Finnish electricity markets. You can buy your electricity from where you want. So there is competition. Bollocks, you have to pay the transmission costs to your local company who owns the cable to your house. Funny thing is that electricity prices are not raising, but the transmission prices are. What is the solution? From national economy point of view it would be very stupid idea to build second cable to yours/mine house. Lets separate cable from the electricity production, lets nationalise the cable network or something to that direction. Then the real competition would start in the electricity production.

Same thing with the frequencies which are also limited resource. Competition worked for a while for mobiles. It was quite heavy (competition until operators succeeded to lobby package deals to regulator. With the package I mean that you get the phone by monthly fee and you are tied to the operator for a certain time. That killed the real competition. The transmission of TV and radio signals is monopoly in Finland and regulator is not really controlling the prices collected from TV and radio companies. Same time regulator's other hand is wondering how to fund our national TV and radio company (YLE) when the transmission money is flying to France via Digia, who takes care of the TV and radio signals.

I hope that everyone of us can build a fortress, life would be much easier.
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