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I'm not meaning high hills or sea. It is the company management, especially CEOs. Those places are very windy, we've seen that, latest Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo. There are enough examples like HP's Mark Hurd. CEO's post are like the coach in any team, like ice hockey or football. If the team don't deliver, you can't change the team you have to change the coach. It also method to shake or wake up the team. In this case, I believe that it is a wake up call. Nokia has been a market leader and still it is. But competitors are eating its crown jewels, high end mobile markets. Its image has suffered of that and the big money, rich pension funds of USA are leaving or has left company and that is big image loss. Is the N8 going to save the day, I don't believe. Most likely it will do some recovery, but Nokia has to change and start to listen the users and their wishes. One simple advise is that if you have teenager kids, follow their behaviour with the mobiles and then you start to understand future mobile megatrends. Will the new CEO from Microsoft save the day? I don't believe. It might give a bit credit towards USA, which might help a bit but the root cause will stay.

Still coming back to windy places. When CEO is recruited, he/she is having very often one mission. For example to expand the company by acquisitions or mergers etc. When the vision have been reached, CEO leaves the company as originally agreed. This means that all of the changes in top management are not due to unsuccessful operations, they can be also planned.

P.S. I'm writing this in train on Friday the 10th going from Helsinki to Vaasa to spend weekend with my old friends. Some of them I've known about 45 years. Friends are excellent invention. I'm expecting good craic (sorry about my Irish accent). BTW this blog is distributed from in the middle of nowhere.
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