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Do you want to know about my recent experience of customer service? No! I'll tell you anyway!

I booked the regular service to my car from Automaa company, Ford and Peugeot dealer here. I mentioned during the booking that I'll wait for the maintenance, so the lady said that you have to be there before the rooster farts. So I was there, yesterday morning at 7:30, gave the car key to the lad who said everything is O.K. He showed me the route to the coffee shop where I could spent some time, 2 hours were the expectation. I was working with my laptop in the coffee shop and after 1,5 hours and I ran out of battery. I haven't the charger with me because it should have been only 2 hours trip.

I went back to the service desk and noticed that my car hasn't move from the parking place. I mentioned it to one guy behind the desk and he said “I don't know, I started 8:00”. I said to him that I'm not interested when you started, I'm interested why my car is not under service. He checked the situation and found out that previous day's jobs were unfinished, so that was blocking the situation.

Question 1: Should they have told me about the situation day before or latest in the morning?

When I got car back (eventually) I asked about the compensation. They gave 10% off the spare parts. Basically it means it was roughly 5% of the service price and 10% of my lost of the working time/invoicing.

Question 2: If you/your company screws up, who should pay the price. You or your customer?

Luckily we are living internet time. Companies are having feedback forms on their web-pages. So I filled in the form. Have I received any feedback? Nope. After 24 hours and one working day.

Question 3: How quickly you should answer to the feedback received from the Net?

My answers/opinions are 1. Yes. 2. You. 3. Next working day. What are your answers?

And this is a bad example if you didn't notice.
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