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Bogeyman is back! Thanx for Khail347 of opening of the gaming world. Maybe old farts like me can learn something.

I'm bit repeating myself but I'm trying to bring a new angle to my message. When following the discussion forums which are looking especially stock markets and other financial issues you see occasionally that company is lousy. Like recently Nokia. How it can be lousy, it has made money for ages and is doing. It is paying dividends and has shit loads of cash. So what is the problem? The problem is that stock value is going down. Why? The same guys who complaining the quality of the companies are trying to make quick wins and they are following the analysis of the young stock analysers who don't have any experience of the business where the companies are. It is like blind is walking the blind. Of course there are also behind the issues what I've mentioned earlier, strategical changes don't really fit to quartal economy, results of the strategical changes can't be seen in a quarter.

┼bo Academi's professor Alf Rehn has raised an interesting discussion about the Finnish management styles. Swedish people introduces a term Management by Perkele, which should describe Finnish management style. Is it really so? I think we have gone more and more towards civil servant type of approach, if you don't do anything, you don't do mistakes and from mistakes you will be punished. Because of this attitude we have lost the creativity which partially comes from taking risks, don't over analyse everything.

My own thesis for creating the business team are as following, you need one crazy, one who applies the brakes, one who does it (R&D) and one who sales the shit. The link attached to this blog is Alf Rehn's interview, unfortunately it is in Finnish, but those who understands, enjoy.
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