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You think that we have experienced big changes in the business life. Airlines are suffering. Telecom operators are suffering. The world has changed. That is BS. That is called competition. Airline business used to be regulated business, no real competition. When it opened the budget airlines came to the business and they are having totally different strategy to the business and the old airlines which are carrying the burden of their history are suffering. Can they get rid of the burden? There are major obstacles, like unions which might kill the “old” airlines, at least some of them. Telecom operators are operating in the regulated area. If you are mobile operator the frequencies are limited. If you are fixed operator, there is no reason from national economy point of view to do double/triple fiber/copper network. In this situation the regulator should do its job and guarantee that the operators don't overprice their services. If the operators are whining, the regulation is working.

And now some facts about the 42. Industrialisation period is about 100 years old. From the marketing and business point of view it can be modelled this way, production driven, sales driven, demand driven, customer oriented and total (segmented). Without going to the details there are also other ways to model the business. I'm using very often the S-curve, which describes the life cycle of the product. The message is that the market will saturate and the requirements varies depending of the position on the S-curve.

And now the 42 fact. During the industrialisation period what has changed? Nothing much, really. Two nuances and one change or addition. Nuances are that the time frame of the S-curve is shorter and shorter and because of the internet you have a global distribution channel, which means everything is global, no boarders. The change is internet economy where Google is good example. Big amount of small (=cheap) transactions can create to you big income. This should explain quite many things what we have seen in the business life.
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