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I am more or less repeating myself. Boring! But...

Iceland is voting for icesaving programme. It is again question of the issue that who owns the wins and who owns the losses. In my opinion the country of Iceland, especially the people (tax payers) are NOT responsible of the individual businessmen who have tried the lottery, in creative way. Netherland and UK should have strong enough regulation for their banking industry that this type of accident should not happened. Defenatelly it is not a problem or issue of Icelandic people.

And what is the moral of the story? What I've mentioned already wins and losses should be equal in market economy! Even in country level. Yes, EU can save the country, but it has to happen in the way which is acceptable, there has to be penalties for the party who has screwed up. Otherwise, the moral of the people, you and me, will suffer.

I hope that Iceland will say no!
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