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I visited my bank manager and said I need a new mortgage. I also said that my rules are this: intrest rate is -1% and payback time is 100 years. I can still hear his laugh.

Euro-zone is having a funding problem, surprise! Shit hit the fan in Spain and the Euro-fellows are trying to help Spain, pumping money to them. But naughty Finland wants guarantees. Awful.

Strange. In this case, inside €uro, why would well balanced north subsidised corrupted south? Especially with their rules? The fact is that some of the current Euro-countries twisted the rules to be able to join the Euro. I don't know if their target was to be saved, but it looks like that.

EU itself is not a organisation which is known of deciseve decicion making, vice versa, it will do a suicide one day because of lack of decicions, waiting for compromises. One good example its stupidity is that half of its time it is spending in Strassbourg. Why? Because France wanted. On the other hand, EU has brought good things, Euro is one and Shengen is other. But is has serious problems. Like they say that the camel is a horse which is designed by committee. That is happening in Brussels and Strassbourg.

Only way out of this situation is (if we want to keep the Euro, and we should in my opinion) that rules defined earlier has to be followed. If you don't follow, penalties have to be painfull enough.
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