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One big Finnish mobile company (guess which one) developed a new mobile operating system called MeeGo. They did a mobile phone using it. User experience was excellent. And it was time to dump it!

What was the problem? It is the same thing what I have mentioned many times. It is the bleeding quartal economy. Public companies are having very big challenges to playing in that environment, there is a too small window to do strategical changes. On the other hand, that big Finnish mobile player is doing a very big strategical change. The key change is that they are not controlling the whole value chain of their mobile business, they will be only hardware manufacturer, trusting on Microsoft's capability to deliver value to the consumer.

The MeeGo group left the company and established company called Jolla. They are developing mobile phones based on mentioned O/S. They are entrepreneurs believing their products, building future, especially ecosystem around it. Really interesting company.

Talking about RIM. It was a big player in North America. Even the President of USA was publicly telling using its' services. What is their situation today? Just about bankruptcy. Why? They didn't developed. One idea can carry the company to the one vision, to go further you need second goal. After the 2nd goal you need 3rd idea.

When you are really big and you face the change situation, do you trust yourself? Or bet the other horse.
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