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By the way. These Limerick stories don't have any wisdom or logic. They just are my experiences with the nice people. Here are some funny stories or just a notices.

The River Shannon. For me the tide was incredible. Living in the west coast of Ireland it was natural. The difference of low tide and the hight tide was about 6 meters. When there were winds from the west and high tide O'Callahans' Stand was flooding. This happened once or twice during my visit. It was a challenge to drive to the office. I had to drive via pavement to get out (I was living close to the river Shannon, small hill but the road out was going down towards river).

Driving left side of the street. It is quite easy to learn. Pedals are orginised same way, gears are on the “wrong” side, that causes troubles occasionally. I had Finnish visitors once and the noise from the back seat of my car was incredible when I drove through first roundabout.

One morning when I was going to office neighbour's wife and daughter caught me. Dad had gone to the work and forgotten to do the tie for daughter's school uniform. So I did it. By the way, I think that we should have school uniforms here as well!

We Finns are quite precise people (usually). We had a arrangement with our neighbour (previously mentioned, I handled the tie for the older one) that their younger daughter walked to the school with my wife because my son was in the same one. They (neighbours) generated stress of the their schedules, my wife (the woman as they called her) was every morning at the agreed time waiting for the girl to take them to the Salesian Infant School (Catholic school operated by nuns).

One weekend we were walking over the old bridge to the city centre. There have been snowed, nothing like here today but still. One of my colleagues was walking of the other side of the bridge and he shouted “Go back to Finland and take this f.... snow with you”. He was smiling.
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