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We want to have small companies, shops from where we get our stuff. Small specialised shops where we get service by specialist. It is a richness which big city can offer. All studies underlines this.


We want to take our car and drive to the supermarket near by, at least under 10 km away (no bad feelings of the carbon dioxide). This is a megatrend of today, we sleep on one area, we work on the other one and we go shopping to the 3rd area. For the consumer studies we have a totally different story. Why? Because we are lazy buggers, it is so easy to drive your (mine) car to the huge parking place and take the trolley and collect all of the stuff you need for the weekend. You can get everything by one stop shopping.

This development is maybe generated or at least supported the dual monopoly in the Finnish market. The two big ones are dominating the food chain of Finland. We don't really have competition in the grocery shops, the two are too dominating. Our hope is that the German one will grow enough to break the duopoly of those two.

Lip service is a nice expression, meaning you say yes but do nothing. When you have shopped from the small shop? Maybe now it is time to do that!
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