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I spent a year in Paris. And l learned a lot. Actually, I was a bit out from Paris, Montrouge. Just south from the ring road. Outside of the City. But my life there was nice and I learned a lot. One of the key things of the French culture is that you have to eat every day. Even twice a day. If all of those situations are nice and firm, your life is better.

The hotel where I stayed... When I came in, staff shacked my hand and welcomed Mr. Kangas. If my travel agency had a problem book a room for me to this hotel, I didn't have. Just a call to the hotel and the room was there.

One night the staff of the hotel asked me if I want to go with them. I said why not. And we went. At the end of the evening me and my favorite bartender were thrown out by a big black lad.

Luckily there was a member of hotel staff were with a small car and she who drove me and my friend to the hotel. He opened the hotel bar for me and him, no one else.

Please, don't tell this to me wife...
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