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The world is full of risks. Is your house going to burn down, are you going to crash your car, you might have an accident which will destroy your capability to work. What you do? You take an insurance. Insurance companies business is around this subject, taking care of your risks. In theory yes, in practice no. They just want to collect your money and limit their risks.

I'm an entrepreneur, I am taking risks, I have to do. To get customers, to help my customers and to be a reliable player in the business world.

Recently I opened my current insurences for competition. And the result was interesting. I'm having a house built in 50's and my guess is that plumbing is from 70's. In their offer, they excluded the plumbing. So if I want to have insurance due to the risk and the insurance company excludes it. I think there is a problem in this formula. Especially the insurance company which made the offer claims to be most entrepreneur friendly one.

And now the quiz, why the headline had three dots? Hint, old english ;-)
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