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You and me are having insurances. Even the governing law forces to have them. Our cars have to be insured due to the possibility that we may cause some harms to the other people. Our houses have to be insured for the fire etc.

Why we are taking insurances? We are outsourcing our risks to the professionals, insurance companies. But are they?

I'm having a house built in 50's. It not only a house, it is a project, continuous one. One can find always something to decorate. My insurance company is limiting their responsabilitites on plumbing, because it is too old. They are participating in to the cost of the accident and my costs are having a limit. Fair game. I have tested two other insurance companies, they said that they will exclude the plumbing totally. Next week I will meet the 3rd one.

The point is that why you take insurances? Obviously to avoid risks. So you take an insurance to avoid risks and the risk taking part excludes the risks. I think there is a problem.

I'm an entrepreneur, I take risks. Is your insurance company entrepreneur? No! It is just collecting your money.

In the good old days insurance was statistical mathematics. There were mathematicians who were counting the probabilities to certain incidents and that's how your insurance bills were defined. Today it looks like that your insurance company excludes all of their risks and randomly defines the price.

P.S. Link has nothing to do with the story. It is just bleeding good British pop-song made in USA. Reminds me of the years lived in Ireland.
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