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I'm still an engineer. And I play with Excel (or actually with LibreOffice Calc) and generally with the numbers. I'd like to share some details of the world of numbers (and something else).
How we operate. You watch your favourite series from Netflix when ever you want. You do your shopping on-line when ever you want.
Is Sunday more valuable to stay at home? Or Saturday? Bollocks, it is just a relic from the bible. There are process factories which are working 24/7. They have been doing that for ages.

My point is that the world has changed but our basic infrastructure hasn't. Child care etc.

Now the new or in reality the current rules of the game are following:
- you have to work 5 days a week, no matter is it Saturday or Sunday, same salary
-if the time is uncomfortable (night time for example) you are compensated (better salary)

The question is that when our environment/society is ready for this, can you get your children to the babysitter etc. Just an one simple example. Of course this is not the picture to all of us, but most likely it is for the majority.
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