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Is a old Finnish saying. I've used it some time ago. Why? Because world has a habit to do so. The Change. Today the work life and the companies formats are under the pressure. We have used to the fact that there are companies in a certain format, general partnership, limited partnership, limited company, co-operative and public companies.

Today we can see two new type of formats of the companies, light weight enterprises (sorry about the translation) and team enterprises (a better one).

The 1st one is a format where you work as a freelancer and all of your invoicing and legal things to the government is one by co-operative company. The 2nd one is a joint venture of small, typically one person companies which do joint offering to reach bigger customer or serve customer better.

Why? This means that we are moving towards service society. Services are tailored to the need, not necessary productised (note: this is not a English verb, only Finnish). This is a new moving element in our economy.
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