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There used to be a professionals which were called the editors. It used to be a long term study of what you are writing about. They were professionals in writing and language. They could even use hyphen correctly.

What it is today? Follow the bloody Twitter and then copy-paste. We have lost the real editors. If you watch or listen the news today, how many of them are based on what someone wrote in Twitter? The internet has changed our world and this is one phenomena. News has to be short, less than 140 characters hopefully. Yes, one page of your laptop is just about acceptable.

In social media you can write whatever you can puke out. Your bad feelings or raise a campaign for something or against something what you don't like. If you are lucky, someone might follow you.

The key point is that news and messages in internet and social media are opinions not facts. That is the fact not an opinion. Watch everything you see in net as an outsider, avoid too tight connections. Todays media is like a fractile. You see details but can you see and understand the full picture?
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