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I have hung around abroad. For example, one year in Paris and two years in Limerick, Ireland. Have not given a much thought , but there is a lesson, or two.
What is The breakfast? Instructions:
- packet of bacon for two persons, if three two should be enough
- glass of really good orange juice per person
- fried eggs done according to customers’s requirement
- rye bread which is fried with the bacon (twist from my background)
Those are the basic things, if you want to go HiFi, here are some hints:
- fried tomato
- fried mushrooms
- hash brown, in Finland, most likely Swiss potato rösti is close enough
That is a proper breakfast, if you think about the options rösti is the most important.
Now we entering to the core of the culinary, France. Yes, there are new stuff from other parts of the world, but western kitchen bases to the French one.
When I was hanging around small village called Paris, I learned a lesson of the food. I’m pretty sure that few French can’t verbalise this. You have to eat everyday, even few times a day. If those moments are enjoyable, your quality of life will increase.
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