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When you walk in down town you meet a chugger on average in every 50 meters. They will take your name, address etc. and they will send you a bill so that you can support something, charity. Here in Finland we have uses to that Government supports these organisations but it is quite difficult to budget earth quake and volcano eruption, so then comes charity. These chuggers are quite annoying but on the other hand the purpose is good, at least should be. The big question is that how much of the money will go to the target? How open and transparent the organisations are? Not all are open. Just checked one, Amnesty International and 10 points to them. Figures were on their web pages, front page and big font. Other issue is that is the figure 22 percent for admin and fund raising costs good figure. Especially you have to be careful with 0600-telephone numbers. Big part of the money could go the operator

One trend for charity is sponsorship. I got familiar for it during my stay in Ireland. For example, someone is swimming one kilometre distance in River Shannon and collecting funds for something. I’ve some experience of this sponsoring here in Finland. My was around seven to nine years old and his school organised a charity walk/run and there were collecting funds for something, cannot remember what it was. Unfortunately he had broke his ankle and he was walking with cask and crutches. For example Helsinki city paid taxi to get him to school and back 700 meters distance. Due to these conditions, I gave him nice price for one kilometre. He is s a tough lad with big heart and he walked from seven to eight kilometres and it cost me a lot.

Getting back to the other part of the charity. I have old mother who is having problems with mister Parkinson and her life is not so good any more. The five last letters she have received were from charity organisations.

The latest deal what charity organisations are offering is that testament your money and everything for us. To make sure that the have milked everything, testament is needed. For me this is in a limit….
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