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In the beginning there was a novel called The Man Who Gets Upset About Things (author is Tuomas Kyrö). Then it changed to nation, The country is called Finland, the happiest nation in the world, BS I say. But some definition are required.

Moped is (originally) a 2 wheel vehicle which engine is less than 50 cc and the maximum speed is less than 50 km/h. It makes noise and pollutes like lawn mower. You have to be only 15 years old to drive one so it is a dream of every (almost) teenager. If they are not annoying you driving around the block they are tuning the moped to get more horse power and speed out from the engine. Polices are checking all of the time are the machines legal. What a good usage of our busy Police forces.

The second target group for the mopeds is men over 65. Basically when their hearing is so bad that they can't listen to the radio and/or their sight is so bad that they can't read the papers or watch telly, family buys him a moped.
In Finish there is a saying "moped run out of the hands". Literally it means of accident but the more artistic view is that the issue and phenomenas some has created goes to stupid level, totally out of the correct scale.

One of them is #meetoo. Basically there we are talking about correct issue, or actually issue which shouldn't exist. Now there are people talking right things with right words but there are also people collecting brownie points. And then comes Aunties wearing hat decorated with flowers (later on Aunties). There is a famous painting in our national museum Ateneum, painted by Akseli Gallen-Kallela who was a one of our famous artists from Nationalism period. The painting is an illustration from our national epic Kalevala describing Väinämöinen (old guy) trying to reach Aino (young naked woman). According to Aunties, clear #meetoo situation (although the hash tag hasn't been invented at that time), painting should be removed from the museum. Why not burn it? Like someone did with books during 30's. Bloody hell, please control your moped.

Solution: Send couple of Aunties to Syria and the average happiness of both countries will raise.

Other similar thing happened here in Finland in movie industry. There has been used questionable (or even worse) working methods when filming one big movie. We have new exclusive #metoo-type of issue in Finland. Hooray.
If we analyse the situation. Director of the film is a lousy manager. If his supervisors are aware what is happening their business, they should act. If the supervisors don't act from the command chain there should be a person who should say like the big (not great) guy would say "You are fired". We don't need public crucifixion for that. Now the guy is walked from media to the other looking like sheep on its way to the butcher and repeating I am sorry, I am sorry ... If we would crucify all of the bad managers our TV-programs would be quite boring (even more that today). But because he is celebrity, public crucifixion is required or at least yellow papers will get more sale.

Solution: Production company's organisation should solve the issue and we we have shit loads of laws for that and the last option is that vote with your feet.

Again two good examples of the fact that the world is big, but newspapers don't have enough pages that there could be two news in it.
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