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Sentence written in the Big Book. The top story in Finland is that it won’t happen. We are having a second year in a row when more people are dying than born. Immigrants are filling the gap. 2035 it will end, not enough immigrants nor Finnish kids. This is from the recently published official statistics. This means we are screwed (nicely expressed).

No panic, politicians have a perfect solution for this, raise up the family values. Family values, my a…. I can tell you to where you can stuff your family values. Same in cash, thank you.

A good starting point is the beginning. It is not so long time ago when Finland was an agricultural country. In a morning we drove our cows to the field and after that we cycled to the paper mill to work. Obviously this was a beginning of the industrialisation. Working time was from 7AM to 4PM. This chapter contains the key root causes.

Today we are living in a hectic world. Everything happens 24/7. I want it now, you want it now he/she wanted it yesterday. Although you don’t work 24/7, you have to pick a slot there when you are working and you can be more that sure it isn’t from 7AM to 4PM and it is highly unlikely paper mill or any big factory. Why it should be? Because our society is designed that way. Kids day care and schools are open for hours to optimise the traffic before 7AM and after 4PM. All of the labour structures are designed for the companies bigger than 100 employers. Banking hours are such that everyone should be working and they don’t need to serve any customers which are anyway bringing only sand to the banks floor.

When there is a problem, there is a solution. The starting point is that we forget the politicians and their values and concentrate to the right things. One component to improve the situation are the students. Somebody has proposed that lets make having a child during your studies easier. That somebody didn’t mean the actual transaction, question is what happens afterwards. Kids day care, how the studies are supported etc. Good point is that the parents are young and healthy and it could generate small snowball effect, someone might have more than 1,76 children when the parents are younger.

If the new potential parents are living in a 24/7 mode there are some challenges. We are talking about unconventional employment relationship. The key challenge is to get the couple into same place at the same time and hopefully the place is romantic enough. Flexibility is required from our employers.

The most expensive issue is to solve our society and restructure it. We must rethink our structures totally, especially those which are affecting to young children. We have to keep in our mind how the working environment will/has changed. There is no return to the agricultural world although it will be part of our story always.

By solving these issues we might avoid the statistical catastrophe of 2035 and live happily until next one. Method is simple:
1. Recognise the problem
2. Define the solution
3. Fund the solution
4. JFDI (Just F… Do It)
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