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Yes again, I’m lazy bugger, just copied the headline from tv-programme, at least the beginning of it.

Number is quite dominating spot of the paper. When there is one, in article or any story, we will spot it and the story starts to go around it. What is the GDP of the country, what is the turnover of the company, how much petrol this car consumes per 100 kilometers. Bloody hell, number is a tool to give an idea of the amount. Nothing else. Especially when your hobby is engineering you calculate a lot. Good result is close enough, meaning that some of the used models are not 100% accurate. Remember that when you a number.

The word “digit” comes either from Greek or Latin (most likely Greek) and it means finger. So we have 10 fingers and decimal numbering system, obviously. After 10 we have problems, we have to buy a computer and a new problem raises. Computer has only one finger. We have difficulties to understand time to time how that bloody thing calculates because that difference. There is a simple solution for it, we have to grow 3 extra fingers to both hands to get 16 fingers or cut 2 off to get 8 fingers. After those operations we will talk the same language with computers.

Statistics is a tool, more or less to describe many numbers. It is quite funny that big part of the sports are statistics. Countries budgets are based on statistics. But you also have to remember the old wisdom: lie, big lie and statistics

My numbers for today are 9, 66, 69, 86 and 112. What are yours?
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