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Story begins from the times when I was young (at least younger), 2005. During that time I was working as a Business Development Director. My intention was to know more about the customer’s business than they did. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not. During that time mobile data started be the thing (as it still is). I ended up to a conclusion that there will be two type of operators, bit operators whose concern is only to transfer the bit from place A to place B. The second type of operator is content operator. They are creating the bits to transfer. That can be end users own content, Youtube, FB etc. and commercially produced like TV-shows. Eventually, this has happened.

Last year was in a conference where one of the keynote speakers were Veli-Matti Mattila. CEO of the number one operator in Finland, Elisa. He confirmed that Elisa is working as a bit operator and content operator. No matter who is generating the bits, they will deliver. Sounds like a strategy.

Now comes the dilemma. Operators are building up their 5G networks which will be capable to transfer shitloads of bits per second. But as a normal user, do you really need that capacity? I would say no. The second part of the dilemma is that Finnish consumers are educated to pay about transfer speed, not capacity. This means that we can send/receive data as much as possible but price wise that the speed matters not the amount of data. It also means that the operators have to sell subscription updates to faster technology to cover their investments. As an average user, do we really need the faster technology? Majority of us, nope.

That is something what I would call a dilemma.
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