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Mobile is a nice business, it gives you lots of topics to write a blog, article or what ever. And I have used it, so why not again. This time I’ll open my Nosferatu book and show you the future. Especially when I’m writing this the sky is clear, moon is full and the earth’s shadow hits the moon.

To make the blog easier to follow, I’ve made some simplifications in mobile generations:
• 1G: analogue network
• 2G: digital network, circuit switched data
• 2.5G: packet switched data
• 3G: new and faster radio interface
• 4G: new and faster radio interface
• 5G: new and even faster radio interface

Nokia’s logic all of the time was that the mobile phone is a gadget (phone) made for talking and you can do some data stuff. Apple changed the logic. To them mobile phone was a gadget (computer) made for data things and you can use it like a phone as well. Nokia and its main competitors were just focusing to the cameras what you can put in your mobile, how many pixels and how good lenses. Obvious discontinuation point in mobile business. The final collapse happened during the 3G. Luckily Apple’s vision saved the business, but some corpses came, Nokia Mobile Phone was the biggest one. Today the discontinuation point is looming, mobile business is talking about the data speed and cameras. The question is that do people really need the available speed. Majority no. How many cameras you can stuck to your mobile? Who cares! Does it sound familiar?

What could be the next step? Maybe we have seen it! Because I’m an engineer, I’ll approach the issue certain way, by looking the components and technology.

Lets start from the SIM-card. Not a very modern and not very useful technology. Lets change it to RFID type of thing and make it as an implant to your body. From the service point of view you can be now identified. RFID-reader and other electronics will be in your clothing. Energy will come from your cloths, they are made from the solar panel type of material. Also motion based technology can be used for energy production. Mobile will be controlled text-to-speech and speech-to-text type of UI for applications. Basically you need one button to initiate the UI and it could be something like attached picture. Now you have a mobile. To make life easier, you can have several different “electronic units”- For parties, sports etc. Even nudist camp is under control, you have wear tie, cap or the socks. The key point is that all of the technology is already available. The question is that is the production version cheap enough, price level is somewhere 800 to 2500€. But it is a question of time. Does this make mobile business commodity business? When this could really happen? Maybe 7G is the time.

By the way, RFID implant gives you other interesting possibilities.

Beam me up Scotty. Here is boring.
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