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Your business is saved by digitalisation. Just add to your Web-site WordPress extension for web-shop. The world is your customer. Bollocks.

Web-shop is a business as usual like everything else. You have to build your case. Ask the 5 question from yourself before entering to the 6th one. What are my products, who are my customers, who are my competitors, why I am better and what is my unique proposal to solve the customers problem.

The 6th one, digitalisation have some special issues. The customer experience is extremely important. For example, why Amazon is so big and Stockmann isn’t in Web-shops. Amazon is having a extremely good customer experience from the selling, what other product it offers, delivery etc. Openness, what is happening with the order is crucial.

One bad example. I had an issue with my house’s heating system (not a urgent problem). I checked the web-site of the company which sold it to me and they had a web-based maintenance call. And story went:
• contact on the 14th , web-site showed green box that order done
• email response on the 20th. After the acknowledgement of the maintenance prices they will schedule the call
• 26th call from maintenance lad
• 27th, visit and happy end
Good service?

The word digital comes from Latin, digitus meaning toe or finger. Be careful when planning a digital service that your digitus doesn’t mean mid-one.
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