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And they came out with the blue prints for a moon rocket. This happened in Israel. Bogeyman went to Oakwood Arms (hotel pub in Shannon, Ireland) and left the place with the idea which was patented later on. What is the common factor for these two random incidents?

Booze is too obvious answer and only a small part of the bigger picture. The (sad?) fact is that we are social animals and the social situation inspires us to the better achievements. Alcohol is only a catalyst, but properly used it might improve the results, at least crazy ideas will blossom. I’ve learned during the years that most inspiring place for me have been air planes and hotel bars. You are alone but there are others around, a small background noise, glass of beer or something better. And the mind is released.

It is interesting think about the harm what this bleeding Covid show will do our creativity. It is quite obvious that we will loose at least some of the crazy ideas. Typically if the early stage idea generation is done too controlled way some of the craziness will be lost. Maybe some future’s new innovative stuff as well. Does this mean that our live is going to be boring for a while because of the lack of craziness?

Hurry up with that bleeding Covid-19 vaccine and distribution of it!
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