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We all know what the seven deadly sins are, some of us has tasted one or more of them. The question is that are they bad for business? Decide yourself.

Now we are talking about quite extreme feeling. Very seldom seen in the business world. In the business we usually are following our competitors and dislike or undervalue their solutions and decisions. And trying to do the same thing differently (better way). Not so extreme.

I just saw a document of the real extreme case, Chippendales dance group. Here we can say only in USA. Business started in a one club in Los Angeles. Money (loads of it) started flow in and it blinded the owner, Somen Banerjee. The honey pot will collect different kind of flies who are willing to “help” you and there is the juridical mess ready. Then are coming the competitors and copy cats. Story ends to few arsons of competitors clubs, one contracted murder and two attempted ones. Somen Banerjee was convicted and later on he made a suicide.

Don’t try this at home or in your business!

Business can and must be planned and controlled. There are always a challenges coming but some of them can be predicted and planned how to handle them. The key lesson is that keep your head cool and don’t let the feeling take the control and no space for wrath.
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