Strategy Process

Business development - From the Markets to the Strategy

Mission which tells why the company exists is the key building block. Vision tells the future target of the company and strategy describes the ways how to reach it.

Market megatrends are affecting to the company's operations and they need to be followed up to make easier to understand the business environment. External disturbances may also cause discontinuation in the business. During our time the speed of the change of the megatrends has raised which make the follow-up challenging.

By nature people are against the change although it is a must. Change can't be avoided, but you can prepare for by having a strong strategy.


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Business development - Stratégie Tatin

Process can be turned upside down and it can be approached from the Strategical Business Units. Usually it is useful when the company has more than one SBUs and their role is clear or process is needed to clear the situation.

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Sunzi says: General who understands the war is the ruler of the nation's destiny.

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