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It is happening again. The same thing what happened in the music industry. My claim is that the big part of the piratism is due to the fact that the industry didn't transfer the price reduction of the media to the consumer prices. Of course, one part of the story is that the technology made it possible and easy. But the history seems to repeat itself.

What is happening in printed media, especially books. We are getting iPads and other cool stuff for reading eBooks, but what the media is doing, they are digging the bunkers. Example, one number of Popular Science costs to the iPad 5$, but the annual subscription of the paper copy is 10 to 20$. Even authors (some of them) are saying that they don't want to be published electronically. Why is that, authors/writers I don't understand. Maybe they are manipulated by the publishers whose concerns I understand but don't accept. Lets study the value chain of a book.

There is a writes/author who writes a book, in the best cases, the book. It goes to the publisher. Publisher has (1) a editor who cleans the book. Then it will go to (2) the printing house and we'll get books. Publisher also takes care of (3) the marketing (at least should do). Then it goes to (4) the distribution, (5) wholesaler and (6) to the retailer. So it is very obvious where is the bogeyman, steps (2), (4), (5) and (6) will disappear. Good for us (consumers), bad for those whose business is based on the mentioned steps.

What I'm saying here is that we should pay valid money for the valid phases and work, workman has earned his/hers salary. But the lazy buggers who don't want to change when the world is changing can die. One might be able to slow the evolution, but one can't stop it. In the worst cases, industry just will create new type of piratism.
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