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This morning I watched one morning show from the telly where they were telling a story about the lost car keys and that remind me about the one event of my life. I lost my engagement ring to my kitchen in Helsinki and found it from the Hotel Savoy in Bern after a half a year! And this story is true!

One morning when I was going to office I tried to put my ring to the finger, it was a bit swollen and the ring got stucked. I pulled it out, I pulled it out but it didn't got out. I pulled it and 'bling', I got it away but it disappeared. I looked everywhere, even the central heatings pipe holes, but no. It was gone, no idea where it can be.

About half a year that that event I was going to a meeting in London and after that to Bern to meet the customer. In the evening at the hotel room I took a plastic bag for laundry from my suitcase. I noticed inside the bag there was a bit off litter (we had a chipmunk at that time), I shook the bag and 'bling', my ring fell off.

And the story. The chipmunk's litter was in the plastic bag which ended up to my UK-Swiss trip. So there is still humour in real life.
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