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What on earth I'm talking (writing) about! This goes again back to 80's when there was MSDOS three point something. Then came Apple McIntosh and its shape was similar which is typical for birdhouse here in Finland, so it got the nickname. Nokia used to be a conglomerate in the 80's and 90's and it did also wellies and tyres. And now there is a war between birdhouse and wellies. So I'm trying to do a brief and simplified analysis of these companies.

Apple has been very good in user interfaces and they still are. Because of them, we are having windows type of user interfaces and the mouse. User interfaces in iPod and iPhone are very creative and what we easily forgot is that their market share in the computers in graphical user segment is about 90%. What is their biggest skill? They are brilliant to in creating marketing hype. They almost steel marketing ideas and according to some court cases also technology. But the company value in stock exchange has gone sky high.

What is Nokia? It is a shit load of engineers who are capable in creating excellent technology. They are also a logistics machine. They have learned their lesson when they created 2110 model which was a huge success and it created a positive problem, how to produce enough. Due to their logistics skills it is very difficult to beat them in low end mobiles. Their headache is the high end phones where iPhone and others are challenging them. They are active in court which usually means that the business is not in so good condition. Stock price is very low.

Apple can very well segment customers and be strong there. The question is that will their closed world be a problem? What about Nokia? They have to change. Either change the strategy so that they'll stay in low end phones only or change the approach in the high end phones towards direction that customers wants/expects. Copying doesn't help, especially if they are lousy ones. You have to have own bright ideas.

And here is a one bright idea, my latest and greatest invention, a double mouse! Patent is pending ;-)
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