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This time of the year one can forget the business aspect, at least in Finland. Fact is that the country is closing down for the summer. Nowadays it is not so total total than it used to be, but still. It is our value in the quality of the life. We need free summer as long as possible, because winters and autumns are pain in the a... And the closing time is the mid-summer.

There is also other way to make your life (quality) better. Some years ago I was working in France in a tough project. Lots of problems and fighting with the agent and the customer. Anyway, the project had a happy ending, but I learned some important things from my French colleagues. Very simple but very important. One has to eat every day, even three times a day, or even more. Make all of your meals pleasant peaceful non hurry event that is the French way. And of course, three dishes.

This way I can guarantee, your life is much happier and the quality of your life is high! Enjoy your mid-summer, I will!
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