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I got pissed off to the Mickey Mouse operating system about two years ago. It was pain in the ass to clean all of the time the register when you have old installation of the operation system. Laptop was getting slower and slower. What I did? I changed to Linux.

Now my laptop boots up very fast, crashes very seldom if ever and is very stabile. Really good collection of applications are available and the best part the story is that they are free of charge. User interface is very good and logical and you get very good support/help from the community. Sounds like computer heaven. Sounds like everyone should use Linux but why they don't?

I'm using Ubuntu distribution version which is quite popular. I'm quite average user, I don't use any special applications, more or less my usage is Office type of applications. The limitations comes from the special applications, for example I can't synchronise laptop calendar to my mobile. Wammu doesn't support my mobile. The point is that very very niche applications are not available for Linux. Why? One reason is that Linux is having too many distribution versions and it is very expensive to create software packages to all of the distribution versions. For the smaller companies it is a show stopper.

In my opinion Linux community should think how many distribution versions there really should be. I think two, one for workstation and one for server. This would boost the success story of Linux.

Hopefully the link will clarify my message.
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