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It is now middle-aged. I mean social media, if the beginning is calculated when the 1st email was sent, in 1971 when someone created application which could sent messages from computer to another in Arpanet project. The 1st kind of chat was BBS using dial-up modems during 1978 and the 1st social web-pages were GeoCities in 1994. 1997 we got the 1st instant messengers, Windows Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger. 2002 started Friendster which was model for Facebook. Then came Twitter and the question is that what next? For example there are already trends which are hinting that Windows Messenger will die.

Social media is fun or at least entertaining. But... there is always but. It also important that one uses his/hers head when operating with social media. The 1st risk is that what you write, no business secrets, don't complain about your customers, avoid telling your exact travel plans (home empty, burglars are welcome) etc. The fact is that whatever you write to net, it will stay somewhere forever, almost the whole history of internet is recorded somewhere, earliest records are from 1980's. The 2nd risk is that someone tries to fish information from you, it can be harmless looking application in Facebook. Rule of thumb is that use your brains and stay alerted. Then there are virtual criminals like someone is steeling your furnitures in Habbo Hotel and hate groups for example threatening somebody's life in Facebook.

Then some interesting aspects, this was raised by Technology Review. A married couple was having common account in Farmville game. In the case of divorce, what will happen to virtual property? Should you add also virtual property to your prenuptial agreement?

What about comes social media and your business. Have you received loads of offers which are telling that it is must for your company be in Facebook, Twitter and where ever. Your business can't survive without them, you will die... Again, it is allowed to use your head. One of the key issues in social media, especially corporate communication is that the sent message is meaningful for the audience. This way it is going to be meaningful for the company and it will strengthen the brand. You have to choose correct channel depending of the nature of your business. For example, I don't believe that company doing paper machines needs Twitter.

The fact is that social (new) media is here to stay. It has and will change the world, we can't ignore it. We have to change our behaviour accordingly, like Wikileaks has shown that the old behaviour will have problems with new rules. Basically it is trying to be a honest media but occasionally some mistakes are happening so use your head, again. Interesting to see how many if any revolutions are agitated by social media in Africa and Middle-East.
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