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Nokia's move raised emotional reactions especially in Finland. It is very obvious when you are in small a nation with a big company. I'm trying to do analysis now without a emotional burst.

Microsoft is almost a monopoly. Nokia is the biggest player in mobile world, somewhere in 30 to 40 % market share. In theory this looks like a perfect marriage. So what is the problem? One Finnish magazine defined it as a marriage done in hell.

Today the real world is open or opening and I mean digital world. The philosophy/model of Microsoft and Nokia don't work. I'm actually surprised that all of the Apple's products are still so popular. It is more or less because their user experience but I believe it will not be permanent. Still, I believe that Linux type of approach will rule one day, it is not a question about the software purchased. It is a question about the service and support.

The question to Nokia is that what is your strong point? It is the mobile hardware and the logistics around it. If your weak points are applications and distribution of them, should you go to closed environment?

Nokia and Microsoft are talking about the ecosystem. Obviously, because that is their problem. Internet economy has changed the earning models in high technology area and both Nokia and Microsoft are not the key players in modern earning models. Are they bringing something new (even old) to the market? Nope.

Who initiated the discussions between Nokia an Microsoft? Mr. Elop (or eFlop like mentioned in the social media)? I don't believe on that, the beginning has happened before his time.
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