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Are we really living in the market economy? I don't believe. It is very often happening that when everything goes fine, all of the business men are cashing the results. But when the shit hits the fan (my favourite English expression) everyone are shouting nations and their central banks to help. Is it so that wins are yours and the risk is restricted and/or socialised? It is now the situation what we see in Europe's crisis areas.

This is our current problem, we allow people in banking area to play but when shit hits the fan and especially because of their action could disturb the monetary system, central banks are covering the situation. This means that the wins are private and losses are common. So basically we are not living in free market economy. Example, if I make a bet with you about who will win the American Idols about 100 Euros. If I win, I got the money. If I loose, you got the money but my friends will cover my losses (hopefully they'll be me friends after that). Is that how the market economy should play? Maybe I have read wrong books. For me this looks like something what Mr. K. Marx has written about. Almost. The key question is that what would happen if we allow big disturbance in our monetary system? Maybe that would educate the players!

I think the issue is that how the monetary system can be screwed up by 19 years old bleeding bankers without any consequences? Why we are accepting this? Do we want to solve this problem? It is not a rocket science!

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