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Part one on the March 27th, 2010, 11:44 am (scroll down if you need a reminder)

Some weeks ago there was a interview of Bon Jovi in Sunday Times. He claimed that Mr. Apple Steven Jobs has full responsibility that the music business is in crisis. He (BJ) thinks that value of the recording in the eyes of the youth has collapsed. The sale of the sales of the CD's has collapsed.

There were also other stupid comments which are not worth of digital “air time”.

I'm not a fan of Apple, vice versa. But I have to admit that they have done good work in certain areas, for example they have brought the music industry to the new age. Record labels don't accept that. Of course because it means that they are more or less useless. The challenge in this new business model is that are the copyright owners getting the compensation what they have deserved.
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