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CEO of Xerox (sorry, I can't remember his name) said that there will be paperless toilets before the paperless offices. And he was right. Yes, there are paperless toilets in Japan. But where are the paperless offices? I had a friend who used to work in Telenor (Norway). She told me that early 2000 Telenor was declared to be a paperless company. What that meant. Everybody were printing all of the received documents at the end of the day they had to shred them.

What is the problem here? One of the problems is A4! It is a ISO 214 standard where w*h is 210*297, the relation is 1*1.41. Why that is a problem? My laptop display relation is 1*0.57 and the external display what I'm using is 1*0.79. Trying to read A4 documents having at minimum 2 columns with these displays is really paint in the below the zero! The challenge is that when the computer industry and the printing/advertising/media industries will use the same standards. Maybe then we are going to have real paperless office.

What about iPad and similar toys? In one of the local newspapers Ville (26) said that iPad is cool because you can read it on the sofa, can't you read the newspaper there? Will the tablets change the world? I doubt, but I can be wrong. As usual.
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