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Europe is totally out of the picture. We haven't understood the game. It is not any more question about the gizmo's, it is a question about what we are doing with the the toys, and how we are doing them with them.

Apple has been always good on to understanding of the users and how they are using the toys. Apple and especially Steve Jobs has been incredible, I would be lying if I wouldn't admire his work. His talent to creating a fuzz around the products is incredible, and the creativeness around the products that also needs to be mentioned.

I'm a Finn so of course I'm having an emotional relationship to what is happening here. Nokia's problem is that they are doing perfect gizmo's but they don't know what to do with them (their customers). Hopefully Mickey Mouse will help them with that. This marriage is anyway having the potential to be a winner. Microsoft developed the general kind of industrial standard.

And what about our friend, Linus Torvalds? Then there is a 3rd party, Linux community. Question is that are they real players today? Especially because the they are scattered, too many distribution versions. Although, their communities are doing excellent work, even better than the commercial networks, can they be trusted? Should the community do something? Because the Linux community is not a commercial environment, it has a lack of management. I really hope that they will cope that.

The question is that is our world going to be Microsoft? Is our world going to be Apple? Or is our world going to be Linux?

These three environments will be our future, I hope that there will be at least those three, hopefully some more. We need possibilities, hopefully there are not a dominant one!
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