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I think that the 1st gizmo was Sony's Music Man, portable C-cassette player. Since that we've been addicted the toys what can be taken with us where ever we go.

I'm counting that my gizmo history starts from early 80's when I was summer trainee in PTT of Finland (although I'm still having a Sony). I was doing measurements between exchanges in remote areas and I was driving the car equipped by ARP or NMT phone (analog ones). At that time, it was really, really cool. Late 80's I was equipped with NMT phone in my car, 30*20*6cm size, not really a portable one. Me and missus did our honeymoon trip in early 90's to Scotland. We were equipped with a book named B&B in Scotland and phone card. Phone card was used for booking the next sleeping place and for reporting to a friend in London who was worried about us. Mid 90's came and I got the Nokia phone, 2110. Since that, I've been all of the time more or less on-line.

Then came social media and everything else. You can hang in the net forever. The world has changed quite dramatically during our life time. Today I can't even imagine the situation where I would be without my mobile or Net. What about the generation after us? Their life is very much on-line, like ours.

The obvious question is that can we and our kids be off-line? Do we want to be off-line? What if we try? (Says guy who is writing to a blog ;-)
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