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Same thing happened to Motorola. They just didn't fall from so high. It happened also to Ericsson. Those three were the big ones in GSM business, actually they were the GSM. So is it time for death of Nokia? (Death might be a bit dramatic but serious downsizing anyway)

The difference is that when the business is changing from the technology business to the consumer sales, the rules are changing. I think that the 1st warning for Nokia was Blackberry, unfortunately they didn't recognise the warning signal. Of course, Blackberry wasn't a consumer service but it showed the direction, not only the technology but the service as well. Especially to the direction where Apple is good.

What is the root cause? Arrogance basically or laziness to change. By nature we are lazy and we have serious difficulties to move out from our comfort zone. That has killed many companies. Motorola, Ericsson and Nokia forgot the world. World and consumers don't follow them, they have to follow the consumers. When the gizmos are coming to be day-to-day stuff, rules are changing. Follow your teenager kids, then you might stay on the map. But what will happen on the 21st of June, does it save the day for Nokia?
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