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One thing which has changed in our world is the social media, actually there wasn't one in the good old days. Today we have to think what part of our life is public and what is private. It has open our society in a good way. I think although today Wikileaks is having a personal (or person) problem it has given us a path. Social media is generating revolutions. Of course, that development in a short term may shake our world in very disturbing way but in a long run, I believe it is going to be good development.

Part of the story is that how one sends messages to the crowds. Social media is a efficient tool for that. The other part of the story is that what it can tell about you. Are you behaving in a way that you dear to see it on-line? Especially if you are in politics and/or in a high position.

The negative side of the story is that where you can draw the line of your privacy. Especially when you here the news that your mobile and/or your navigator is collecting the data about your whereabouts and sending the data somewhere. What kind of data is collected by the sites where you have registered? Do you really read the terms of the service when registering to it? That is alarming! Be aware and use your brains when using the social media!

But today, am I public or private me? That is the question. At least I know I'm bleeding old, but starting to get younger ;-)
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