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It is funny how one's memory works. It can be sound, music, smell or what ever which can bring you to the history. For example, I visited first time in Ireland in 1994. It was winter time and still when I smell the burning turf that is Ireland.

Music is a one big reminder. Majority of those memories I don't dear to publish. I moved to Ireland in 2000 and music reminds of the time. Finnish music like Bomb Func Mc's Freestyler and Darude's Sandstorm was everywhere, even in Ireland. Of course U2's Beautiful Day was a big thing. Those are Ireland for me.

I have one funny memory. I spent few summers in my cousin's farm in Ylistaro (in the middle of nowhere). Every bleeding morning I woke up about 6 o'clock when the milker started in the neighbourhood. That sound I can still picture.

And then the car my dad had at the time :) (60's) (white one)
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