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CEO Barack Obama, staff (population) over 540 million. Company's economy is 14500 B$ (GDP). It's debts is 14500B$ and raising. Company spends more money to the health care than any other, per capita or compared to GDP. Most common reason for private bankruptcy is the health care bill's. Post office is about in bankruptcy. Public sector is over 30% of the GDP. What if USA Inc. would go public? Would you invest? By the way, CEO's post is open in 2012. Are you interested in?

One third of the debts are to public institutions and funds. One third is owned by FED and other local investors and the last third are China (1000+B$), Japan (1000-B$), UK (0.300+B$) and other countries. Current CEO of course didn't generate this problem, he inherited it. Because of the CEO election, problem solution was very political game, and it didn't really solve anything. It just was pushing problems to the future.

In real world, can you operate a company this way?

And by the way, if you are interested in the CEO position in this company, there are some cool toys for you. Like world biggest and most powerful army and NASA.

Cool... Or is it worth of everything else around?

And the World Bank thinks that Europe is having a financing problem. Interesting.
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