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I decided that I won't write any more about this subject. But still it is disturbing my attention. Especially because there was an article in local newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, about guy who was leading the development of Meego in Nokia. He felt that Nokia didn't put enough resources to it. The question is why should they, The answers is that you have to renew yourself time to time and now is time for Symbian. Is the answer Microsoft? Everyone is having their opinion.

Mobile development community has shown their interest in Microsoft environment. This is a good message to Nokia. On the other hand, Microsoft's market share in mobile world is quite sad, you can it is a looser level. Is it going to raise with Nokia? Possibilities are there!

On the other hand. Nokia started to distribute N9, Meego phone. It received very good comments about its usability and technology. Interesting thing is that it is not going to be sold in UK and Germany. Why? There is a rumour that it isn't going to be sold in the countries where Microsoft localisation has been done. And what is the logic here. I don't have a glue. Generally, I don't believe in Nokia's strategical movements. They are destroying their legacy.

Story is not a happy one. Guy in Meego development went to HP to develop webOS. Life is a b...
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