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Originally idea was a good one. Cover the good or excellent idea so that the inventor's idea wasn't stolen. Today it is a tool for big game for big companies. Motorola was a active member of the group when GSM was raising up (Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia where the drivers of that standard). Motorola loose their position in the mobile word, but because of the history and their activities in the pioneering time of the GSM they are having a good portfolio patents. That is the reason why Google paid $12.5B. Nothing to do with Motorola's business.

Then there are companies like Lodsys and Qualcom. Maybe I should not mention these companies in the same sentence but their behaviour pisses me off. The fact is that Qualcom has developed mobile technology, but their moral can be challenged. If your own business is not working, should you try to challenge everyone else in the business sector because of your patent portfolio?

Lodsys' strategy is clear, they buy patents and raises court cases. That you can define as a hyena strategy.

One aspect is also that in US you can patent almost everything, their rules are much easier than ours in Europe.

This is a sample again that life is a b... Says me who has a patent registered in US.
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