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Theory says that 5% of us is a natural leader or manager. Rest of us can be trained. Partially I believe in that. 5% yes. The training part I doubt a bit, yes you can improve your skills but you have to have the base.

There was a study among students in Finland, which is done annually. Study was about what are the best managed companies in Finland, or felt to be one. They interviewed 1700 persons in early summer 2011. It is quite funny what were the results. Loosers were the government, Lidl and Nokia.

Winners were Google, Nokia and the Finnish Army!

This is interesting. Army is a clean line organisation, very old type of organisation. The key point of the line organisation is that it delivers. Quality. In Finland we have one other big organisation which is working like the army, Finnair. It is very important for them that they are delivering quality, all of the time. And we understand that.

The point here is that are the young people waiting for a new management style? Bollocks. They are waiting for a management, good one.

Eric Schmidt from Google says that most likely Steven Jobs is the best CEO ever seen in the business. His track record is very dashing. And story tells that employers didn't dear to go same elevator with Steven. Not a nice guy but genius! And how is Apple organised? Sounds like line organisation with a strong leader. But what is going to happened now to Apple after Steven Jobs? It went down once.

There is a industry which are creating management isms and trying to cash with them. Keep your head cool when you meet them.

What is my ism? JFDI! Tracks are leading to Ireland! Try to find out!
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