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When there has been major catastrophes important for me and when them happened I've been in Limerick, Ireland. One morning, on the 28th of September 1994 at the hotel after the breakfast I was watching CNN and there was coming story about the Estonia. 852 died.

The other story was of course 9/11. I was living in Limerick at that time. I was organising a golf event for WMA (Wireless Messaging Association) and I was visiting Adare golf club, one of the best clubs in Ireland and having a lunch in their pub. The place was full of American tourists and the TV was on CNN. My phone was beeping all of the time, colleagues were updating me of the situation. The atmosphere in the pub was incredible, kind of once in the life time. One story about the 9/11. We had one guy visiting from UK, subcontractor. He was preparing a big computer for a customer delivery. When he heard what happened in USA, he panicked. He took first plane to UK, left all of his stuff to Ireland.

9/11 caused tighter security to air traffic. 2002 I moved back to Finland but still I was visiting Ireland quite often. Around the Christmas I bought from Ireland a light sabre to my son, you know the thing used in Star Wars. No problems in Irish security check. But the security lady in Heathrow thought that it was scary! So it was left to London. Thanks to my friends in Ireland, my son got the light sabre in that Christmas by an other arrangement.

And what is the moral of the story? Currently it looks like that I should stay out of Limerick! Pity, I love the city!
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